Méli-Mélo le Néo Resto

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Project Background

Neo Resto has been founded in 2017 and has been putting forward his slogan “Taste Haiti, one bite at a time” proudly. The second location of the well-established casse-croûte Méli-Mélo (in operation since 1985!) provides a new culinary experience for the lovers of Caribbean cuisine. Our mandate was to provide an online presence for this beloved take-out restaurant.

The Process

Following our usual process, we started by sitting down with the chef Marie-Julia Baptiste to chat about her baby. We proceeded by learning about the company’s history, mission, and value proposition. Following was the design of a mockup in order to get the look and feel of their website. Once the design completed, we hired photographer Myriam Ménard from Crémeux Photo, who delivered incredible pictures in a timely fashion. 

Once the pictures were edited and delivered to our team, we proceeded with the implementing phase, where we installed every feature of the website, along with the redaction of the text. Once completed, we made a final revision with chef Marie-Julia, who was pleased of the final results. 


With the client up online, we are currently working on their free month of digital marketing. We will be taking care of their social media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned, you are about to taste Haiti, one bite at a time! 

You can find the design of the website below. Careful: you might have a sudden craving for a Haitian dish!


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