Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Website

As web development becomes cheaper and more accessible for small and medium businesses, the possibility of marketing your product and services becomes a lot easier. There is a multitude of strategies you can adopt in the realm of digital marketing. Today, I will present to you 2 of Catalystdev strategies that are cheap to implement, provide great returns, and are easy to use. 



A lot has been said about having a blog. Most will say that “blogging is dead”. Our data beg to differ. 

WordPress used to be a blogging platform!


If you are starting your website with a tight budget, blogging is perhaps the cheapest marketing solution around. All it requires is your time. The time you will be spending researching topics and blog ideas are the only investments required. A blog establishes authority, as you provide valuable content to your visitors. 


Blogs are a great way to acquire returning visitors, which increases your brand awareness. A visitor that is familiar with your brand by frequently being exposed to it is most likely to buy on your website.


The downside of using blogging as a marketing strategy is the slower-than-average traction: a blog typically takes about 6 months of consistent posting to become well-established. 



Quizzes are part of the realm of engineering as marketing (EAM for short). Making use of this strategy is extremely cheap, considering the potential return on investment (ROI) it can provide. Platforms such as Interact makes the creation of your quiz effortless, and no programming knowledge will be required from you. Just your time. 

The topic of the quiz is only limited to your imagination. The goal of the quiz is to supplement your website with potential buyers. Make the quiz fun, engaging, and valuable. Once the quiz is over, invite them to visit your service page or sign up for your newsletter (another cheap and effective marketing strategy!). 


Successful marketing is about converting your goals into strategies that fit your budget and your potential customers. If you provide content that resonates with your audience, make them learn about your products or services, and entertain them along the way, you are on the right track. All you have to do is to invest your time to make it happen. 


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