The Phoenix Is a Mythical Bird

The Phoenix is a mythical bird associated with rebirth, dying in a sudden show of combustion or slowly decomposing which, if you ask me, is a tad less glorious way of passing away. That being said, no matter the output, the end result remains the same: the Phoenix rises anew from its ashes and continues a new life cycle.

The new cycle is now being spearheaded by Tiktok. Despite the many cynics, the new platform has attracted millions and has become an inevitable part of social media. Indeed, we are seeing platforms like Instagram and Facebook emulate the formula that has made TikTok so successful. Not many have made the transition to conform themselves to the new norm. However, the good news is it is not too late and you won’t have to do a trendy dance to attract the attention of millions. 

We say that TikTok is at the helm of this cycle but what defines it? The age we live in is increasingly digital, bombarding us with information at every turn. We cannot possibly absorb it all and, as such, we scroll and swipe until something grabs our attention. However, we are the harshest judges and the content we consume has a few seconds to make a lasting impression. As a result, AI has become increasingly proficient in determining what is the best content for its viewers. As such, here lies the keys to success: exploit the AI and the algorithm powering it. We’ll explain how to use it to your advantage.

As a side note: you may (or may not) have noticed, that we have been absent for quite some time. We’d rather have gone out in a flashy burst of flames but we slowly faded into the darkness. However, the important part is we are here, revitalized and ready to seize the opportunity this new cycle has to offer. We have no doubt that we are not the only ones. We are primed to assist you. Stay tuned for more.

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